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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting ready to upload my new video on YouTube!

Hey guys, I know it's late- I'm soooooooooo tired because the day before this day- I had a little bit of a hangover (don't ask please). But anyway, I been researching for hours to finally put this video together. It should be called New Naruto Theme songs. It's not official- again this is a project album sample. I'm only releasing like eighteen of the singles because to keep thieves form stealing my precious work I've been working over seven years now. But right now- I just completely done with the Best for Years Album- Man! A lot of work. It features some of the famous artists like Koda Kumi, Crystal Kay, and Ayumi Hamasaki. There's only a few males singers in but I think Naruto is known for featuring mostly female artists on the albums for the past eleven years. I put in as much information as I can, although there are some chartings that I don't agree on. If you want to prove it to me- make sure it's an accurate web link and not too many crap I have to get through, my eyes are already hurting!! Make you tune in tomorrow because I have to go to sleep. Night!