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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dose of Daily Bleach...

Here's your dose of daily Bleach! In the morning, you wake up- wanting to practice for the battle of the century. You take a bath, get dressed- and go downstairs to see how your crazy family is doing. Your dad always wants to always fuck around with you; test your nerves in order to know how to be a man. You grew around it for years after mom died and everything. You became a better person- anyway. Back to your crazy usual mornings, you curse your dad out for being a asshole and everything. "Geez dad..." Your young sister became the cook and the cleaner of the house, her twin is a lot like you- a scowl and mean-mugging looking, never cried since then after mom passed away. On to school and the first one flashes their face right in front you is a pest, you knock him and sit to your seat. You and your friends don't expect a perfect day so you better get ready for it. When it comes, you and your team set up a day of Hollow killing time... The day is saved for now... Just some hours later- this shit starts again... More hollows and a important life to save because it is your sense in your feelings... After a day of hard work, you gotta deal with dad again; eat dinner and go to bed... while your tiny friend sleeps in your closet.