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Friday, May 18, 2012

Japanese Anime Blog on Ameba o(*^▽^*)o

It's almost been a month or so since my last post... It was my live broadcast on flipzu... That bullshit got shut down on the 14th. Fuuuuuck! (`ε´) my update is not on flipzu but check out my soundcloud. My Anime Flipzu has shut down! at In my room by FMAGIRL22 on SoundCloud but we are here to talk about my anime page on ameba... Man, I'm already blogging like hell and have hundreds of ideals there myself!! But it's quite different than all my blogs in the usa. Some English blogs on here will go on ameba too. Maybe a bit of Japanese is accepted because us americans can be simple-minded when it comes to learning a new,language... Check it out here! If you're a Japanese fantic- hear me out!

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