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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do you believe it so? Because I sure don't (NARUTO)

I been noticing that people says that Jiraiya was dead- he was murdered my Pein. At first, I briefly believed it. On second thought, like minutes after, I decided to bring him back. But nearly two years later- something's fishy is going on... He may not be really dead, but there was one thing that he actually was... Tsunade was still in a coma. Tsunade went into a short term coma after a battle with his murderer, Naruto was able to finish off the battle. After a month or so, she awakened. I was happy, yet confused. Naruto fans say she could of joined him, being together as lovers- in heaven. I didn't want to look back on his greusome death way back. Two years later, I had to face it for acquiring some information. The way that he died, drifting down into the water- water!

What's wrong with this picture?

A dying man drifting into the water. A Hokage awakens after a short term coma. What are your thoughts?

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