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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD (The stupid plan that viz media made)

April 2010 was the day that I posted a youtube video, based on this blog. It received the most views of my video post 770 views might not be all that, but all this happened in four months. My second one two took more than twelve months to get 139 behind my highest video. I was so upset that viz media did this to mostly disappointed fans. So I first wrote a letter to viiz media about this whole problem but the most embarrassing thing stopped me from sending it. I had no money for it and there was so many things going on, bills had to be payed. But months later, I got impaitent and had to make a YouTube video about it. describing my anger about this and why would you did this like One Piece. I DONT know about the original reason you took it off cartoon network but you need to put it back on. If you're happy about it, why are you a Naruto fan? This anime is mainly for teenagers and adults- not for complainy little babies who want to see it at daytime. Man or woman up and party on Naruto Shippuden Adult Swim!

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