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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daily Dose of Naruto

You wake up and it's time for ramen! Noodles every day for breakfast, lunch, maybe dinner- but you love ramen... But first, you have to take a bath and brush your teeth. After eating, you have to make sure you train for missions and everything else... On the way, you meet and greet your fellow neighbors along the way, and also your friends you made over the years. When you finally get to the office- you wonder what torturing missions the Fifth Hokage has for you, when you know what it is all along it not very pleasant, some missions can be thrilling. You give her you reaction that pisses her off in which she will mostly kick your ass for it. Sakura socks you across the head to get some sense into you before the Hokage has to rise from her seat and puts her hands around your neck... Kakashi, the sensei comes in very late in which you are pissed because he was reading another crappy Icha Icha series- stop fucking around Kakashi!! You have to do this in a certain amount of time or the mission is failed and you won't become a Chunin any sooner. So you are full of determination and overexcited to everyone else's displease -- they swear sometimes that you snorted two pounds of sugar and ate noodles with a can of a energy drink included in ramen. When it takes to long to get there, you bitch and whine the whole way... But it doesn't stop you from going to the destination. You face off your enemies in just under a hour or three- maybe more since one asshole got away. And when you are done- the people you save thank you, you earned another hero badge for the day and your teammate and sensei thank you too also. You're on the way home when you just have to get a bowl of ramen. Just as you are about to break out the sticks, Iruka comes by and asks you how did the day went. As usual, he treats you out to two or three more bowls and you're super full. When you get home, you guess to have another cup of ramen- regardless of your purging belly. You change into your night clothes and sleep it off and dream for another day...

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