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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hidden Secrets

What is a secret? Why you should keep a secret? Who has secrets?
Is it you?
Is it your mom?
Your dad?
Your family?
Well it is not very hard to notice- all you need is a pair of ears and eyes,
Those are your special keys to finding out,
If you can’t seek it right away,
It is impossible to fish it out,
You want to know,
You have to know,
You grab it know,
But it slips away into the water, into the fire-
Where you can never know.
The only thing that gives you a portal to secrets,
Is to read minds,
Is it possible?
Maybe it is,
There is a way,
But only one person has it,
And he will know everything about us,
In a short time,
In which he understands us,
And despises us a bit,
That can break out,
And find our hidden secrets.

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