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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dose of Daily FMA

Your name is Edward. Your brother's name is Alphonse, you're alchemists; but you are one of the youngest state alchemist- a major in the making... You travel all over the world- traveling is your home. First thing in the morning is witnessing a very annoying co-worker that could be Riza, Armstrong, Breda or Maes Hughes. They either give you a very detailed letter from Mustang or the King Bradley, giving you detailed missions- included a very loud phone call with Mustang... oh great. You can do your way or the state alchemist's way- your way is better even though your younger brother constantly complains that it'll put you both in trouble. What is it today? Oh, finding some crazy scientist, thief, killer trying to take over the world or least the people into misery. You meet the guy/or woman and try to pose as a friend, sometimes you seem clueless or don't know what's going on... Then you take them out in the open when they're most vulnerable. It can take a few days- not longer than two weeks. The fight goes on for determination and for the sake of people's lives. And when you're done, you report back and earn some good cash- go to a local inn and crash there for the day, without knowing you leave in the early dawn...

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