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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elric Brothers Nationality

Shortly after closing both the gates of the two worlds, there were many secrets to be revealed between the two brothers. A discussion between both of finding out their backgrounds caused them to be more curious about the world around them- yet unable to retrieve information from their homeland. An onlooker from Mexico, who is also a doctor/traveler overheard their conversation and told them about the bloodline of their family tree. Thanks to their grandfather who lived there over 500 years ago. The doctor was yet shocked to find out that the two living sons of Hohenheim was over 400 years old. The question was how did their grandfather crossover into Ametris without sacrificing his life? The brothers were born of Hispanic, Polish, Russian, British and Arabian descent- their grandmother was seamstress, the grandfather is a very well known philosopher/chemist/alchemist/traveler/doctor around many Spanish speaking countries; eventually the Hispanic/Latino region will know them well. Traveling to their nation homelands, they decided to make their new home in Tijuana, Mexico and become bounty hunters in the law enforcement and made history in short time- saving over 500 villagers in a single bank robbery from 30 criminals in under 12 minutes. Suddenly, the portals between the two worlds and more were opened by a unknown force and he went to find out about them…He recruited over 40 members- the first being among them was Shino Aburame, a shinobi from Konohagakure and Saya Otonashi, from Japan. Shino assisted him in a seven day drug-operation take-down that would of taken other bounty hunter over five years, nearly taking a landslide- out overcame… Finally into finding his grandfather’s manor, the great-great-great- great-great grandson of their grandfather’s friend noticed the great resemblance in the two and asked who they were. He too was shocked the doctor they knew before; he revealed to the two that their grandfather left them a massive inheritance for his grandsons if he died in the world they were born in. He offered them the manor but they only wanted part ownership as they couldn’t come in from the blue and take away all the earning he achieved. But the young man insisted because of his connection of the ancestry has given him over 50 million in the fortune. So after visiting their grandfather’s grave, they agreed to take all of the assets in good use and founded a organization, stationed in Natasha, Nijuana.

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